Song Writer

Song Writer

Arranger and Producer of Music

Arranger and Producer of Music

My History with Bands and People who I have played and written with throughout my music life

  1. I First started to learn saxophone at the age of 17 years old 1981

  2. The 1st Real band I played for was called The 13th Hour 1982 when I was 18

  3. In 1994 I joined a band called The Juice, with Mark Topham and Mike Gosling. Later Mark went on, to write with Carl Twigg and for Pete Waterman, including bands like Blue & Steps

  4. Started to play around with the piano 1985 during The Juice

  5. The 3rd band was Walter J Wallis & The Love Free Connection playing Sax for them where I met John Saltwell who I started to write with in 1992

  1. Joined a band in 1993 called The Vibe with Sam Bergliter & Delroy Pinnock, I knew Sam from my days in The Juice, Sam helped us produce some of our songs at Steve Vincent’s studio AKA Stevie V (Dirty Cash). I also worked with Sam on a track called Parisian Rain – (by Sam Bergliter) in 2014 and played on a song featuring Matthew Marsden the actor in 1994 titled ‘Happy & Sad’ by Sam, little did I know when I joined The Vibe, that Sam was the nephew of the Great Lionel Bart. I can remember the time when I was out with Sam and he said we were invited for a meal with his uncle LB and there I was eating and chatting away in an Italian on Mile End Road none the wiser with the Great Lionel Bart, only to find out later HA HA.

  2. In 1996 Me and John Saltwell teamed up again to write several pieces of music for a TV producer Ben Fuller. It was a short film called China, which was played at the Edinburgh Film Festival and shown on Channel 4 The Shooting Gallery.

  3. In 1999 John Saltwell and I were asked by Ben Fuller and Richard Leyland with Fuji Films to write the title music for Party In The Park, Hyde Park and The Reading Festival both shown on ITV3

  1. Also that year we were asked to write several pieces of music for the Empire Film Awards for the film The Matrix / Titanic / James Bond to name a few which was a great opportunity as we would have our credits put up (but sadly Steven Speilberg Wasn’t watching)

  2. John Saltwell and I formed a few original bands over the next few years

  3. In 2014 John asked me to come and play some sax on a track called Steppin Up My Love who he collaborated with a DJ called Paul Baker, Forming Soulfusionseven which was released on an album called Smooth Winter Soul by Tom Glide

  4. 2014 started to learn the Ukulele

  1. In 2016 a musician from Japan called T-Groove remixed Steppin Up My Love which reached a No1 position in the Soul Beat Charts

  2. In 2016 I was also playing sax and keys and writing with a band called WTF What The Funk

  3. In 2017 I played sax on another track called Summer Breeze written by John Saltwell & Cheryl Aldridge this track reached No1 in the UK Soul Charts in August that year. Also re-released again by T-Groove

  4. Also In 2017 Funk It Up by Soulfusionseven was released in December which I played sax on

  1. In 2017 I wrote a song called To Be Someone for a friend Peter Meadows who I’d known since we were 5. The song is to be used in his new film based on his book To Be Someone which was inspired by Quadrophenia and commissioned by Peter Townsend. Peter has teamed up with Ray Burdis. Of Arch Angel Films and this film is due to be done 2019. I have written 8 versions of the song, so looking forward to scoring this with them and hopefully have the opportunity to write a title song for the 2nd film. All songs recorded at The Practice Roomz

  2. I have been taking singing lessons since June 2018 with Gemma Milburn, my vocal coach

  3. Through 2018-2019 I have been working with Bring love which consists of a group of DJ’s myself and a Percussionist etc

  4. I have now formed a new band called Mambo Wambo and am working on new material