Currently, I am in the process of forming a band which will incorporate a mixture of funk, groove rock and soul music.
Please contact me for auditions.


Filming is due to start soon for the film To Be Someone based on the book of the same name written by Peter Meadows, which continues the lives of many of the original actors and actresses from the film, Quadrophenia. This includes Lesley Ash, Toyah Wilcox, Trevor Laird and Mark Winget with Suggs from Madness introduced into the film as a new character amongst others.
I am hoping to be involved in scoring the music for the film as well. And have an acting part too


I wrote the song, “To be Someone”, for the film ‘To Be Someone’ which was inspired by Quadrophenia, for my long-time friend Peter Meadows as this gave me an opportunity to write for TV and Film again.
The song represents the character from the film Danny the Mod who is trying to make a better life for himself through his ups and downs. The darkness of the gangster drug world that Danny gets involved in, is highlighted within the lyrics.
The lyrics To Be Someone is about a young person’s inspiration to make something for themselves.
When you are young, your head is filled by your parents and peers ideology of what they want you to be with the greatest of love and intentions. but in truth, you desire to get your own identity which strives you to be someone.